Hydrox Forum Rules


Staff member
Aug 19, 2019
Hey there all!
Here at Hydrox we welcome all users to our community.
In order to do so we ask that all members follow these rules. Breaking these rules will result in consequences.
  1. Harassment and bullying is not tolerated.
    No racism, sexism, or abusive language towards someone's identity or disabilities, both mental and physical.
    Do not threaten other players in any serious way. This includes doxxing (DDOS)
  2. No porn, NSFW, politics, religion threads.
  3. Do not spam the forums
    Do not post the same comment on multiple threads or create duplicate threads.
  4. Keep explicit language to a minimum.
    Swearing should not be excessive to be respectful towards all who play on hydrox.
  1. No point hunting.
    If it is found you are posting content only in hopes of gaining points you will be punished.
  1. Do not advertise.
    Refrain from advertising on the forums, if asked for please do so in private.
  2. Make sure you are making threads in the correct places.
    In order to maintain an organized and clean forum we ask that you create threads in the correct areas. If they are not they will be removed.
  1. What staff says goes. Always listen to staff.

  2. Use common sense!
  3. Report posts breaking any rules

Not following these rules will result in the following:
  • 1st offense - Warning
  • 2nd offense - 24 Hour Mute
  • 3rd offense - 72 Hour Mute (3 days) or 1 Day Ban
  • 4th offense - 7 Day Mute or 3 Day Ban
  • 5th offense - Permanent Ban
    Players can be banned at any offence depending on the severity of the situation

    Thank you all and please enjoy our servers!