HydroX Community Rules
  1. No Impersonating
    Do not pretend to be someone else by any means. This includes Staff.
  2. No Disrespect
    Do not disrespect other Players, Staff or Guests.
  3. No Cheating
    Do not cheat using hacks or some third party to gain an advantage on any of our Servers.
  4. No Arguing
    Do not argue with other Players or Staff, an Administrator and/or Moderator will always make the final decision.
  5. No Griefing
    Do not grief other Players in our Servers.
  6. No Bullying
    Do not bully other Players on our Game Servers, Website or Discord.
HydroX Forum Rules
  1. No Spamming
    Do not Spam the Forums!
  2. No Offensive Material
    Do not post offensive material, including porn, NSFW or use offensive language, including threats and excessive cussing.
  3. No Advertising
    Do not advertise other communities, servers or website links.
  4. No Abuse
    Do not abuse your roles, privileges or permissions.